Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico

Mexicali city is located on the southern border of the State of California, USA; According to a 2018 independent nationwide survey, the City of Mexicali has been recognized as the 7th city in México with the best quality of life and the only border city to have achieved such recognition.

For over 50 years Mexicali has hosted businesses from around the world that, for both strategic and economic reasons, have chosen to operate in Mexico.

The city of Mexicali, has become a favorite destination for business quickly, attracting successful national and international companies such as: UTC Aerospace, Gulfstream, GKN Aerospace, Kenworth, Bosch, LG, Technicolor, Frito Lay, Kellogg’s, among many other companies

Today the region has over 25 industrial parks encompassing over 24MM sq. ft. representing A, B and C Class facilities. The majority are in gated parks with the rest being secured, stand-alone buildings.

With continuous growth and a highly educated population, the state capital continues to progress, managing to offer an excellent quality of life to residents and business people inhabiting this city.