About Us

About Us

History Since 1967

Founder of Grupo Nelson Mr. Rodolfo Nelson, Sr. is locally known as the Father of the Mexican Maquiladora Industry. Mr. Nelson started in 1945 as a merchant importing ‘made in’ overseas products from Japan, Korea and Taiwan, and selling them in Mexico. With the earnings he bought commercial and industrial properties for leasing. In 1965 the concept of ‘Maquiladora’ was born when Mr. Nelson established the first U.S.-owned Maquiladora in the city of Mexicali.

Mr. Nelson’s son, Mr. Rodolfo Nelson, Jr. became President of the family business after his father retired in 1982. He sensed the need for better working environments with high-quality infrastructure designed to meet international standards, and developed world-class industrial parks and facilities for international companies looking for a competitive edge in Mexico.

The third generation has added professional support services such as turn-key construction, site selection, security, and maintenance to name a few, and has been responsible for maintaining a strong reputation with clients and with community.


We are a Mexican family business dedicated to the development of industrial and commercial projects, offering national and international clients high-quality buildings and spaces for rent or sale. Seeking to establish long-term relationships based on our market experience and detailed, personalized and prompt attention; either with our customers, our employees, our community and the environment.


Our goal is to establish ourselves as leaders in Industrial Development in our city and to be competitive nationally and internationally.  To continuously improve ourselves and at the same time maintain an annual growth in sales and profitability with an efficient management of resources.